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Building Lives, Fostering Community

At The Bridge House Project, our commitment to your recovery journey extends beyond providing a home – we offer a comprehensive support system that embraces safety, community, and personal growth.

Supportive Environment

Our houses are not just places to live; they are hubs of support. Our dedicated staff members visit most days, offering practical assistance and facilitating weekly House Meetings. This structured engagement ensures a constant presence of support and encouragement for every resident.

Empowering Independence

In line with our ethos of independence, residents take charge of their daily activities, including cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

Our team is ready to provide assistance where needed, ensuring a harmonious balance between individual responsibility and collective support.

Structured Routine for Purposeful Days

At every stage of your time at The Bridge House Project, a structured routine provides purpose to each day. Your daily schedule involves a mix of activities, work duties, homework, and reflection time, complemented by key interventions – our term for any group, meeting, or one-to-one session.

Tailored Recovery Plans

Collaborating with your Support Worker, you will develop a personalised recovery plan. This plan addresses practical and emotional aspects of ongoing recovery, covering areas such as counselling, participation in self-help support groups, financial responsibility, and job skills training.

Our goal is to empower you to maximize your personal potential and contribute to the development of a supportive and inclusive community.

Independent Living Skills ProgramME

Our structured Independent Living Skills Programme is designed to enhance your chances of long-term recovery. Engage in a diverse range of activities, including: 

We also focus on integrating you into the local community, fostering effective integration skills, and promoting volunteering opportunities. Together, we build a network of active citizens working collaboratively to overcome challenges. 

Aims and Outcomes

The outcomes of our programme extend beyond maintaining abstinence and include:

The Bridge House Project – where safety, community, and recovery converge.