The Bridge House Project

We provide supported drug- and alcohol-free homes for people in recovery from addiction.

People who have experienced drug and alcohol problems are often very vulnerable when leaving rehabilitation. Support can often be withdrawn relatively quickly, without the necessary aftercare. We know that it is common that a high percentage of people will return to their old community and that, without support, they are likely to relapse back in to their previous patterns of behaviour, including drug and alcohol use.

It is our aim to alleviate this issue.

The Bridge House Project Limited was established in June 2005. It was formed for the purpose of providing service users, who have already received treatment or are about to embark on day treatment for their substance misuse problems, with a “safe place” to live, in order to carry on their rehabilitation in a drug and alcohol free, supportive environment.

Our ethos of the project centres on the individual’s basic right to dignity, respect and independence.